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Something New professional jewelry cleaner is safe for fine jewelry, gold, platinum, silver, pearls, opals, tanzanite, soft stones, antique jewelry, costume jewelry, and of course, diamonds.

This amazing jewelry cleaner contains 100% biodegradable cleaning agents plus banana and coconut oil, suitable for ultrasonic cleaning. Cleaner rinses film free; that's why it brings out 100% more sparkle, color and brilliance to your diamonds and gem stones; opals radiate more fire, and pearls impart more luster. It is mild enough for pearls, yet powerful enough to bring back that "brand new look" to all of your jewelry.

Silver Jewelry Cleaner - There are three primary causes of tarnish (technically it is oxidation). First is oxygen in the air. Second is dampness and moisture. Third is air pollution. Air pollution actually can cause damage to your silver. Do not use tarnish remover jewelry cloths as they all have a fine grit (jewelers rough) and works by scratching the tarnish off your jewelry. If you have detail on your jewelry it will diminish and slowly go away while dulling any soft stones you may have. Our cream metal polish (no grit) safely removes tarnish and restores its beautiful finish. It is all-natural and although not working as easy as dips is much safer for you, your children, pets, and good for the environment.

Tarnish Remover - Our cream is used for all types of metals. It can be used on gold, brass, bronze, copper, chrome, also sterling silver. The polishing cream is a professional tarnish remover without the harsh chemical smell. Will not scratch or remove gold. All-natural biodegradable cream.

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