Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to use on silver?

YES! There are three primary causes of tarnish (technically it is oxidation). First is oxygen in the air. Second is dampness and moisture. Third is air pollution. Air pollution actually can cause damage to your silver. Our tarnish remover cream metal polish (no grit) safely removes tarnish and restores its beautiful finish. It is all natural and although not working as easy as dips is much safer for you, your children, pets, and good for the environment.

Will your tarnish remover remove scratches?

No, only an abrasive will remove scratches AND your metal!

What about jewelry cloths?

Do not use jewelry cloths as they all have a fine grit (jewelers rough) and works by scratching the tarnish off your jewelry. If you have detail on your jewelry it will diminish and slowly go away while dulling any soft stones you may have.

Why is this different than other jewelry cleaner products?

95% of the other jewelry cleaner products contain alcohol, acid, or ammonia, which is not safe for soft metals like gold, silver, brass, copper, tanzanite or soft stones like opals, pearls, turquoise, emeralds, onyx, tanzanite, jade, lapis and so on.

Why use your ultrasonic cleaning jewelry cleaner machine?

Our new ultrasonic cleaning jewelry cleaner machine does a fantastic job of cleaning earrings, chains, bracelets, necklaces, and glasses. Five minutes in our ultrasonic cleaning jewelry cleaner machine shortens the cleaning process to just five minutes. So, you do not need to soak overnight.

What kind of cloth do I use?

An old T-Shirt or a soft cloth works perfect, or use a paper towel like I do.

I have some liquid jewelry cleaner at home....

Most people do have jewelry cleaner. Ours is unique because it is all-natural, and is not made of ammonia and water. We also have a polishing tarnish remover cream to remove the film from your metals, so your jewelry looks new every day.

I get my jewelry cleaned at the jewelry store

It looks nice for a couple of days and then it looks like it needs to be cleaned again. Most use a chemical cleaner or a box with water in it called an ultra-sound. Our cream removes tarnish and oxidation and our brightener dissolves the film, so your jewelry looks brand new, all the time.

How long will this last?

It depends on how much jewelry you have and how often you use it. The set should last about a year and half under normal use.

Can I use the tarnish remover cream more often than once a month?

You can, but remember the brightener will keep it clean in between.

How do I get more when I run out?

You can order from this website by clicking the "Order" button. Or, you can call the toll-free number on the product.

I have always heard you can't clean opals or pearls with any cleaner. Is this true?

95% of the jewelry cleaner products on the market have chemicals in them that will destroy your soft stones. Our cleaner is all-natural and will enhance your stones.

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